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An Interview with Andrew Joyce

1. Do you consider yourself a logophile? If so, have you always been? I love words and knowing where they come from. 2. What is your favorite color? I like all colors. I don’t discriminate. 3. Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Born and reared in Miami, Florida 4. What is your favorite football team? I don’t follow sports. 5. Who is your favorite author?

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Danny Escapes

FREEDOM! At long last, I was free for a short while today. I’m Danny the Dog and I write about my adventures in these pages. For the neophytes in the crowd, I’ll explain that I live on a boat with my human (whose name is Andrew) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. To set this story up correctly, I’ll have to go over some previously disclosed material.

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How the East was won: American westerns and Soviet Georgia

In1908, when Vasil Amashukeli, a Georgian film maker made his first experimental films, the Georgian cinema was born. Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital celebrated the opening of its first movie theatre in 1896. Started from early twentieth century Tbilisi boasted as many so called Cinema House as St. Petersburg and other major cities of the Russian empire.

Texas Hat Cleaners dirtiest hat ever.

Hat cleaning and care

As most of you know a Cowboy and Cowgirl take pride in their hats and the character it gains over the years. With that said, in order to extend the life of your hat it should be cleaned, blocked and shaped periodically. A good fur felt can last many many years with proper care. Good hat cleaners are hard to find, and hat blocking is a dying art. My passion is all tings hats.

American Cowboy Picture

In Honor of St. Valentine's Day

Hello to all fans of REDEMPTION. Thank you for your support. In honor of St. Valentine's day here's a snippet from the book. "She was beautiful as she looked up at me in the lantern light. Her face was half in shadow and all I could see were her eyes, her deep green eyes. Somehow, I knew that a small part of me would always regret leaving Molly Lee behind."

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"A Cowboy On My Mind" Valentines Day Poem

A Cowboy On My Mind I had a cowboy on my mind. He was kind-a-hard to find. Dang good stock, it ain't no shock. He's truly One-Of -A -Kind! I figured, if I was gonna catch him. I had better be for, tying off ….Hard and Fast.....! There ain't no sense in losen your dally.

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