Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful

A discussion comparing winter horse care in the East and the West. Read more »

Tips to Make Your Horse Drink

Cold weather slows our horses drinking habits which can cause problems such... Read more »

FDA Warnings On Ulcer Drugs

Debra M. Eldredge, DVM, explains why the FDA issued warnings to the... Read more »

Benefits of Barn Work

Benefits of working around the barn and its results in physical fitness. Read more »

Not Enough Vets in Your Area?

The post reviews current legislation to help remedy veterinarian geographic... Read more »

The Elusive Mind of a Horse

Professional trainer John Strassburger discusses understanding how a... Read more »

Bipartite Navicular Bones

This post reviews bipartite navicular bones, a congenital defect in horses... Read more »

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

Discussion from a professional horse trainer about why it's so difficult to... Read more »

Equine Allergy Testing

Many horse owners face ongoing issues with their horses' allergies. Long... Read more »

Barn Building

A blog about building your own barn, including the many unexpected blips... Read more »

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