Enter at A

Horse Journal Editor-in-Chief looks back at 20 years of producing the only... Read more »

Don’t Forget to Reward Your Horse

While I believe that some horse owners go overboard in making a fuss over... Read more »

Farewell with Parting Tips

Some final parting words from a HJ veterinarian. Read more »

Christmas Portrait

What's the ultimate Christmas present? Well, I guess it might be that dream... Read more »

Fungus Among Us

This post reviews prevention and treatment tips for rain rot, a common... Read more »

Six Reasons Why Horses Resist Your Aids

My nearly 45 years of experience with horses has taught me that, generally... Read more »

Ticks Are Rearing Their Ugly Heads Again

This article reviews the most common tick-borne diseases in horses and... Read more »

If Only Horses Could Wear Glasses

Musings from a professional trainer about possible eyesight problems in... Read more »

Adorable Christmas Video

Shetland pony Christmas video. Read more »

Odd and Ends: Pentosan Availability and Horse Transport Law Pending

Pentosan availability for horses and the double-decker horse transport law... Read more »


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