Dutch oven or Bean Pot

I have more than 50 pieces of campfire cookware...some skillets, chicken fryers, Dutch ovens and bean pots...

The question I get mostly is what's the diff' between a Dutch oven and a bean pot? A lot of people will tell me that that have a cast iron Dutch oven, without the little "feet" on it. Well, that's the differance between the two.

The little "feet" as they are often referred to is so that you can get heat underneath. This is mostly referred to a Camping Dutch oven nowadays. In addition to the little feet, there is also a rim on the lid that will hold the coals on top...whereas a bean pot does not...

So, with the right amount of coals on top and underneath you can maintain a constant cooking temp...most recipes will call for 350 degrees.

Let's say, you have a recipe for Nacho Pie (I'll add this recipe later.) to bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

You will cook the Nacho Pie with 17 coals on top and 8 coals under. If this recipe took longer than 20 minutes...you would add additional coals as they burn out...any questions?

A little trivia: Paul Revere (who was a Blacksmith) with the help of Ben Franklin is credited with the design of adding the legs and rim to the Dutch oven we use today.

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