Tuesday Movie Trivia - The Quick and the Dead

CowboySpirit.TV - One of the more under appreciated western movies released in the last quarter century, The Quick and the Dead fared poorly at the box office, earning only half of its estimated budget. In recent years fans of western movies began returning to The Quick and the Dead for the performance of its all star cast and at least somewhat unique plot. Its trivia, though, is almost as intriguing.

The Quick and the Dead Little Known Facts

As producer, Sharon Stone was largely responsible for casting Russell Crowe in the film, and was insistent on having Leonardo DiCaprio cast – to the extent that she paid his salary herself.

The scene where Gene Hackman slaps Sharon Stone was not scripted; her reaction is genuine.

The weapons handler for the movie soaked the guns in chlorine from his swimming pool to make them look more period appropriate.

Gene Hackman learned how to draw from the trainer who worked on the series Gunsmoke.

Sharon Stone so liked the horse she rode in the film, she purchased it after filming was complete.

The Quick and The Dead Behind The Scenes Trivia

Several scenes were cut, including an adult scene between Stone and Crowe.

Bruce Campbell is listed in the credits, but all of his scenes were cut.

There is an Armani logo on Stone’s sunglasses (which were rare in the Old West to begin with), and in certain close up shots when she is not wearing the glasses, her contact lenses are visible.

The leather jacket Sharon Stone wears is an authentic period piece; she purchased it from a western museum.

At intermittent points during Stone’s conversation with the old man in the graveyard, the sky is a cloudless blue, even though the rain continues to come down from above.

The Quick and the Dead is shot on the same location as Tombstone, more widely regarded as one of the best western movies of the 1990s, at Old Tucson Studios Arizona.

The movie is Russell Crowe’s first American film.

One of the elderly Lakota Indians hired as an extra passed away on set.

Pat Hingle also had star turns in Gunsmoke and Hang ‘Em High.

Lennie Loftin and Russell Crowe later worked together on another western, the remake of 3:10 to Yuma.

What do you think of The Quick and the Dead?

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