Western Novel Spotlight - Mobley's Law

CowboySpirit.TV - "Mobley's Law" is a winner. From the first page the reader is introduced to a writing style that holds attention. The action begins on page two and continues in one form or another to the last page. The author has stepped up and has shown he can write with the big boys.

The blending of history with fictional characters works very well to tell a story of what may have or could have happened in Texas in 1873. The story as pure history would probably be somewhat mundane but with the fictional characters that walk right off the pages it is spellbinding.

Gerald L. Summers creates Mobley Meadows as a judge who needs no courtroom to administer justice. A judge who seeks real justice and is not beyond being a little creative to achieve that goal. Mobley encounters a cast of characters who bring their own stories to the front as the book builds and the story grows. The villains are evil and the maidens are fair, and sometimes promiscuous.

Coupled with the telling of the story of Mobley Meadows is the use of the author's own knowledge of the law to explain and teach the reader about the law. The author also blends in historically correct information on the firearms of the time more thoroughly and accurately than anyone I have read.

Mobley's Law is a winner and goes right there with Open Range, Broken Trail, and Lonesome Dove.

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