Experiences with my horse

im normally a very cautious rider, on the trail, im Miss Safety. in the arena i take risks, make it fun, give a good show. these are my experiences.

my horse's name is Rodeo. guess that should give you a clue.

(Arena) I was riding bareback, and he was feeling frisky and started bucking. bronco style! but that just made it more fun! i fell off. landed flat on my back. staring up at the sky. and horse hooves headed straight for my head! i got up but ended up falling again cuz i was laughing so hard! later i found out i had landed on a rock. funny thing is: i didnt feel it when i hit it!

(Arena) another time i was riding bareback, i had some reins hanging on the corral rail, well of course he had to bite them when we trotted by. but he didnt let go! then they caught up on something, and yanked his mouth. well that spooked him, he pulled back (he still has the reins in his mouth, and im on his back) pulling the whole arena with him, then they broke! he spun on his hocks and ran... oh why couldnt he have just ran? he had to add bucking to it! i stayed on, but when i looked to see all the damage that hed done, i knew we were in trouble. everything was twisted and bent! but it was funny:)

(Arena) i was riding my horse when a family friend came over. well i decided to gallop Rodeo around... *sigh* why do horses decide to rebel when you want show off? well it ended good, just not what i wanted. he started all out bucking! biggest ive ever felt! and i didnt fall off! i stayed on like a pro, or so im told:)

(trial) nothing ever happens! he's so steady on the trial! ugh i dont get it...

(Arena) another time i was riding, i started singing.i love singing, and i was trying a new song. it kinda went high in the pitch. freaked Rodeo out, he started bucking and took off running!!! guess he doesnt like me singing...


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