Lookin for the Vol% and number or which month of recent back issue

The back issue I am looking has the cover: Live the Western Dream. It also features the Legacy of Chris Ledoux, and Horseback the Yellowstone Wilderness. I lent my copy to someone who lost it. I was interested in thelisting of guest ranches it contained. I have gotten no help from American Cowboy magazine itself. One can order back issues, but they cannot look up the issues for you. You have to know the Volume and number, or the months. This was issued sometime late last summer. Please if you know the months or the Vol./number, pleae let me know so I can order a back issue.



Howdy Dusty, The issue you're

Howdy Dusty,

The issue you're looking for is April/May 2011. If you email your mailing address to lfeldman@aimmedia.com, we'll send you a gratis copy for your troubles.

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-AC editors

Lauren Feldman
Associate Editor

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