'M' is for Mules

'M' is for Mules... No, 'M' is for magnets, 'cuz once you start with mules, they seem to find you and you just can't say no. A couple of weeks ago a friend told me about a guy who was getting out of equines and concentrating on cattle only. I was going to be in his area in a few days so I called him and we set a time. Didja ever see a White Mule? How about a matched pair of White Molly Mules! How about the matched pair and a Sorrel John Mule with white stockings on all 4 legs... So, after some negotiation, I evened up my herd of equines. I now have 6 Horses, 6 donkeys, and 6 mules. No bias here, everything is Even Steven.... All 3 are yearlings, to go along with my 2 yearling mules and 1 yearling Jack from last summer. I just figure I'm going to be concentrating on training from now on. I've included the photo of the new guys with this blog. The sorrel John is really an eye catcher, kinda like my buckskin yearling Francis. The 3 new guys are settling in and getting used to me. I have them separate from but next to the rest of the herd in a pen until they are calm and used to the new environment. I'll keep you posted on their progress as time passes.

Pair of Mules

John & Sadie



'M' is for Mules

Mules Rock! Go Army! Beat Navy! Although we seem to have to sing the Navy Academy's Alma Mater, "Blue and Gold" since that goat continues to kick our mules ***.

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