The Rush...

Guys, as school days passed, vacation is quite on the spot. Make the most out of it for we only lived once. Listen to songs of the Rush band. I'm sure it would soothe our soul. Music is rather part of our life and it would always be as days would pass.

Rush will be at the New York State Fair! Not Rush Limbaugh, thank heavens, but the BAND Rush. They're playing the entire Moving Pictures album on their current tour. I would even get payday loans to get to that show. If there is one band the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame has ignored in an act of egregious folly, Rush is it. (Well, there are others - Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Alice Cooper, etc.) I do not know if it's that they wrote music using Ayn Rand as inspiration or what, however they more than deserve admission.

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