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Today young people like me have a mind set of "look out for number 1" You can see this in all areas of life to day. What ever happened to the days when a hand shake sealed a deal, or when you did anything for those in need and the days when men knew how to treat ladies. To many times ladies are "turned off" by men, all men, by one man who is a "loser", and because of this they think all men act the same "he's just a guy" is what they say. But all men are not like that, and ladies when you find a man who treats you like a ladies, hold on to him!

This got me thinking why is this? Although there are many reason's I believe I will only list a couple. Today's culture does not promote chivalry, parent's do not teach their boy's this, they think sports is more important, The government schools do not help the issue, 10 years ago walking though the hall of my high school, it would make you sick sometimes, the way the guys were talking to the girls and so forth. And ladies if you dress like trash, not covering your body, how can you expect to be treated like a lady! By the way when you do not cover your self men think you are "ease", so ladies help use/yourselves out by watching how you dress.

And men "man up", don't treat ladies like a dog. Learn what chivalry means and apply it to your life, honor them, respect them, treat them the same way you treat our mother. It does not matter if you have a "relationship" with them or not, you treat ALL ladies the same. Guy's lets regain the ethics of past years and quit thinking of "me first" (because the world does not revolve around you).

Please let me know what ya'll think about this subject and add to it.

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Love it!

Absolutely! I have met so many "men" that claim to be good ole country boys or cowboys yet they don't use their manners at all. I try very hard to raise my boy right, I hope he respects women like he should and learns the TRUE cowboy way.

Its not man up its cowboy up/

Its not man up its cowboy up/ that was great and made me think

Rodeo man

Whoa...McLintock! Well said!

Whoa...McLintock! Well said! I totally agree with everythin' ya said. As a young cowgirl nothin' is nicer then havin' a man walk past and tip his hat to ya! :) That's great that ya brought that up! And I think America was really actually built on that. People DID have to care about each other and help others out! God Bless America!

Cowboys & Cowgirls, A Rope & A Buck, Give Him A Kiss & Wish Him Luck!

and yet girls go for the

and yet girls go for the jerks...its a shame

chivalry for men

yes, I'm a teacher in oklahoma city.And the students do not even know what the word means. It's all out for self.
Our families have broken down in the cities and not very many men teach there boys manners. they are rud and will run right into you and never say sorry.
Sex is all they are looking for and then will not even take responsiblity for there own.
I wish the old ways were still being taught to our children. i miss my grandfater and all he taught us as childern.

But most women these days don't know what to do with a real chivalry of a man. They are not use to being teated good by a city man. And some are the head of the house hold and think they are the man.LOL okla cowgirls.

cowboy up!

I have to greatly agree with you all. Being a youngin from the generation of self, i have to say it makes me sick to see how woman are treated, how people have no loyalty to anything and noone can consider the better of the brand( whether it is your job, your name, or your principles that is). Growing up on two ranches and pullin many of shoes for my grandpa i learned along time ago, a man only has his name and his word. Now a days people take advantage of others have no dignity or value in their words and don't take responsibilty for their actions. So in a few words to all the so called cowboys out there that have no ethics that you were brought up with COWBOY UP, and change your ways or you'll spend your time on the fence line not in the brandin ring


The majority of my generation learned manners at home. Most had the good fortune to be taught by their parents and peers. Not all learned those lessons.

Today's generation has learned manners more from media influence and again peer influence. The important lesson of "respect" has been left out of the equation.

But as Bob Dylan sang what seems a lifetime ago, "the times they are a change'n ".



' ' Savages we call them because their manners differ from ours.' ' -BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Out of context…

If you are going to quote someone, it is wise to keep it in its proper context. Benjamin Franklin was addressing the European culture verses the “Savage” culture. He felt that the Europeans culture should not be forced onto the “savages.” He was right, the Europeans were new to this territory, and the European had no right to force their distinctions between the rich and poor and creating another monarchy.
Even so, the “savages” still had adopted the English names, and began to explore new customs.
This name and customs adoption was a choice the Indians had made on their own, not forced by a government. And oh' yes, the Europeans that neighbored the various Indian tribes; shared a friendly bond, visiting one another and no; the friendly European was not insulted by their names being used. How ironic is this? Reminds me of your view and others on the Mascot issue. Our friendly ancestor’s and the friendly Indian ancestor’s view on this, is a bit different…ay! I can’t help but wonder if the Indians had believed in a formal deductive education at that time; if they would have named their school Benjamin or Franklin.
That aside, it is clear, Mr. Mclintock’s post was speaking on manners and ethics among the SAME culture, from the SAME country; he even referred to his SAME generation. Simply put, many AMERICANS practice ill-mannered actions at the expense of others. Upon examining history, I do not think Benjamin Franklin would excuse such a behavior. He was a gentleman.
Do you think that the Indians wouldn’t expect polite manners according to their code of conduct among themselves?


Your right. Most people

Your right. Most people aren't born with the knowledge of how to treat people in general, regardless of whether its a male or female. They have to be taught. I believe that one reason that there is a lack of chivalry as in opening doors and such is because A: its not being taught by parents, and B: because many women just doesnt show any appreciation when a guy shows that he has manners by either opening up a door for them or by saying a kind word. Today many women think they want the "bad boy" type. They are also the ones that end up in abusive relationships with said bad boy. I just dont get it. Whats so appealing about a guy who is going to mistreat you? Id much rather know that the guy im seeing respects and cares enough to treat me right. Though also I have to say, that women also need to look at how they treat men. You cant mistreat someone and then expect them to show you respect and treat you right if you are not acting by example. It goes both ways. I am a firm believer that you should treat people how you want to be treated!

Philippians 4: 13

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I found a good book on cowboy ethics. It is by James P. Owens. Cowboy Values. He brings up alot of good points. As for opening doors I have that most people respond in the positive. From young to old. I have found that treating people like you want to be treated helps. Sure your going to get the negitive few. But no matter how nice you are it would do any good for them. Its the declining morals. When I was growing up if you didnt show respect for an elder. You would get either your face slapped. or you butt wipped on the spot. And you better have not embarrass you parents in public. That was a spanking on the spot. Back than there were no bleeding heart tree huggers. Yes there is a difference in spanking and beating. If you got into trouble at school you got punished in school and at home. Spare the rod spoil the child.

All too often

Too many women my age have the idea that a man acting chivalrious is a sign of weakness on their part. Many have made the comment that they don't want a man holding a door for them, pulling out their chair, etc. It is becoming frustrating. When men meet a girl like me... I often hear that its a nice change of pace. I'm not sure why women think that a man being respectfull to them is the same as putting them down. Take the simple act of saying yes ma'am and no ma'am or yes sir and no sir... As a waitress I often said sir or ma'am regardless of age and have in return been told not to say that because they're not old. Why don't people understand that untill you give another person the right to be informal with you sir and ma'am should stand. Saying sir or ma'am isn't an age based thing, its a simple sign of respect towards a man or woman you are not familiar with.

i agree with ya i do it

i agree with ya i do it because i was brought up to do it. some folks get all offended by it. i have no idea why. people have become very selfish and very strange it seems, but i believe it is up to us to keep doing what is right regardless.

i agree with ya i do it

i agree with ya i do it because i was brought up to do it. some folks get all offended by it. i have no idea why. people have become very selfish and very strange it seems, but i believe it is up to us to keep doing what is right regardless.

All too often

Bldambtn, it the result of a culture where on one is respected. It almost a insult to call someone sir or ma'am. In the work I'am in I can tell a difference in the people I'am working for if I treat them well and with respect, on the other hand if you don't they will be unhappy and move out, and I can go on and on about the differences. But thanks of the comment.

Romans 8:28

American Ethics

This begins with filial piety. Studying what it is, acting on what is learned. This would also include abstaining from that which glorifies contrasting values, e.g. music, movies and books. While it is not too late for the older generation, it certainly makes it easier if taught consistently while young.
My six-year-old daughter clearly knows what modesty is and she responds very well. It has not been difficult to teach even with the magazines starring at you in the check out isles. Having said, it is getting more difficult to find modest clothing for her. Her selection of outfits in her closet is few. But then again, it does not hurt to be modest in this area either.
As for the three boys (5, 10, 11), I have purchased ethic books from Wall Builders. They practice copywork, interpret reading, oral narration, and written narration from these materials. It is very rewarding now that they are old enough to pick out their clothing to see them using good judgment. It is a blessing when my boys open the door for others and me. I am thankful my husband has demonstrated what it is to treat a lady well.
Allow me to swank a little. The other day my daughter was taking a bath and her water was getting cold (six family members- hot water doesn’t last long). So, he boiled two pots of water to warm her tub.
Have you ever been in a food line where the children thrusts their way through? This is a pet peeve of mine. Children are to wait until the adults are served, and the elderly are always served and waited on first.
You know this is an endless subject. One can go on and on!


I couldn't agree more. Men in

I couldn't agree more. Men in America need to get back to our roots and realize where we ame from. Being a man is not about being a player or sleeping with as many women as possible like most people my age seem to think(college guys). Many people around me treat women like dirt and it gets me extremely frustrated, I don't understand why parents have forgotten to instill morals in their boys but my parents sure did and I am eternally grateful for that.

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