A cowgirls poetry

The Loco Weed Affliction

We were sort-n cattle this one fine day.
When all of a sudden,
I lost the whole darn bunch and I was sure,
I wasn’t ready for what my daddy had to say.

He said,” get off that horse
and meet me in the rears”.
As my feet hit the ground,
my body filled with fear.
And then he lifted up poor old Fooler's tail
and my eye's welled up with tears.

He said, ”Cowgirl”
you see an eye ball in this horses ass?
And I said,” Well ,No Sir”.
Think-n to myself,
why in the heck would he even ask.

He must-a been suffer-n,
from some horrible affliction
that was mess-n with his sight.

Then it dawned on me,
what the affliction was
and I was quite sure that I was right.

He must-a got into the Loco Weed
when turn-n out the rope-n steers the other night!

Now I’d heard old cowboys talk ,about this sort-a thing.
When a horse got into Loco Weed
they'd start do-n crazy things.

Things like pace-n around.
And he sure as hell was a pace-n,
he was kick-n the dirt and stomp-n the ground.

He said,” you sure you don’t see an eyeball in this horses ass”?
And I said,” Yes sir I’m sure”.
Think-n to my self,
he must be fail-n real fast.
If I didn’t figure something out,
I was quite sure he'd never last.

That's when I heard my daddy say,
ya had better get to gather-n.
With that, he turned and road away.
He never spoke another word to me,
that whole entire day.
But he did seem to be miraculously cured,
from his affliction in some mysterious way.

As for me,
I headed out for the windmill.
To let my horse get himself a drink.
Ride-n along, I began to ponder
I began to think.

Maybe it wasn’t at all the affliction,
that was mess-n with my poor old daddy nerve.
Maybe it was me,
cause I kept turn-n my horses rump to the cattle
and lost the hole darn herd!

© 2004, Mistie Ready
This poem may not be reprinted or reposted without the author's written permission.

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