Western movie stereotypes

Robert Silva of AMC TV writes a semi-regular blog about Western movies that's worth checking out. His latest is a compilation of Western movie stereotypes. It's a bit snarky ... but pretty funny.


Silva also has posts about great Western sidekicks; the good, bad, and ugly remakes; classic indian roles; "steamy" Westerns; the profusion of actors who have portrayed Billy the Kid; the profusion of actors who have portrayed Wyatt Earp; the best of Robert Duvall etc.

The blog is effectively a piece of marketing for AMC and upcoming broadcasts, but it's still nice to see someone out there thinking about the movies we love.



western stereotypes - great shootouts

I think other than High Noon, the best shoot out I have ever seen in a western movie was Open Range with Kevin Costner.

The bad guys went down as badley as they deserved to go down, and when that horse got shot, people tried to help.

I know it's a movie, but it worked.

I believe one of the most

I believe one of the most realistic shoot-outs was at the end of Appaloosa. No "fast-draw," just walk out, with pistol in hand, call the guy out, and shoot him down.

Thanks for sharing

That blog was actually pretty fun to read. It pointed out a lot of obvious things that I never really paid much attention to. It has got me thinking though. Will Westerns ever make a true comback? I mean more that just a Western movie every 2 years. And who (if anybody) will be the next actor to fill the shoes of our long lost cowboy regulars?

True Grit remake

Well, rumor has it that the Coen brothers are remaking True Grit, with Jeff Bridges in the lead roll. Considering Bridges' recent oscar win, this great Western should get fair treatment and reach a wide audience. Let's hope Bridges is more Rooster than Dude.

Philip Armour

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