Texas Longhorn Riding Steers

Texas Longhorns are special. They are a true American Original. Here in Oklahoma and New Mexico, we've been busy breeding & training them! Our Texas Longhorns are smart & affectionate and we train them to ride (& drive, too) like a horse. Except where a horse's first response is panic & run, a Longhorn's first response is stop & think! LOL Don't believe it? take a peek over the pasture fence at www.premierlonghorns.com/RidingLonghorns.html Nothing says "cowboy" like a Texas Longhorn steer! -and nothing garners attention in this modern age like these majestic, gentle iconic symbols of the old west.

American Cowboy Picture

Texas Longhorn bull Premier Testarossa



The pics on your site are

The pics on your site are awesome! Can't say I ever thought I'd see a Texas Longhorn in an English saddle!

Lauren Feldman
Associate Editor

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