She wears Texas Size BIG HAIR

She arrives in the room filed by the many businessmen who are enduring lunch at the Citadel club of the Driskill Hotel. The men are speaking with business partners on current affairs. Attorneys, Oilmen, Financial and Real estate Investors each giving orders to wait staff as they indulge heavy liquor beverages with steak. Blue suits and white shirts adorn by powerhouse neckties fill the seating. Elegant hardwoods trim the walls which display Oil Paintings of blue bonnets by Porfirio Salinas, Cowboys paintings by Charles Russell and Frederick Remington. The room silence as she moves towards her table. Men place their steak knives down taking notice of attraction which this woman offers. She's wearing Texas size big Hair.

Some are just naturally born with big hair. Others simply achieve the Texas size big hair style that enhances a woman's beauty. Hours each week spent with stylist teasing the waves of locks. Once achieved with rollers the size of beer cans lacquered down by Aqua-Net super hold hair spray after working a teasing comb and hair dryer.

Farrah Fawcett had her overwhelming flow of big hair that made her an instant star, Jessica Simpson continues to wear it. Oprah adorns different wigs to achieve it, while Houston born R&B pop singer Beyonce naturally has it. Surely not every woman has to have big hair to be beautiful, but rest assured those who do are those most talked about. Even the 1992 December issue of Texas monthly published a story "Hooray for Big Hair" because a woman's hair just seems very sexual. Rolled up for prom, or crown as Miss America, it just catches a mans eye. Young boys so quickly learn the desire of long hair as he tugs the little girls pony tail for attention. It flows like the mains of wild horses and always catches every mans eye.

Former Texas governor Ann Richards declared an official Texas Big Hair Day in 1993, took a practical approach: "All I know about it is that my hairdresser says that women have big hair to balance a big behind." Plausible, yes, but wasn't there some deeper meaning? After all, big hair is, well, big again, appearing atop Audrey Hepburn styles on runways from Manhattan to Milan . Whether it's natural, adorn wigs or hair extensions. Woman will spend hours upon hours to achieve the look along with millions in the hair industry to stand out. Why not? Big hair is sexy and what woman doesn't desire to feel glamorous with sex appeal. Men love to view beautiful women and hair emphasizing luxurious volume of bounce and movement that can only be achieved with long cascading curls.

Big hair surely wasn't a creation found in Texas . It is as ancient as mythology. Decade upon decade repeated with slight touch of change only to find itself once again repeated. Perhaps there is a Lady Godiva in many Texas women. Singer song writer Debbie Watson states it best in her song, "Big Hair down in Texas ." No doubt we notice the nice figures of a woman. Their bright eyes and attractive smiles, but nothing gives attention to a woman better than wearing Texas size big hair.

Story by: Roger A. Edison

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Farrah Fawcett was the bomb

I've always had very long hair, and I've been able to style it in a million different ways. Usually I braid it and put it up so it doesn't swing in my face all day while I'm working. But lately I've been wanting' to style it like Kim Kardashian's long, wavy hair. Mine's longer and light brown, but hey it's worth a try! :)

Comparatively woman take

Comparatively woman take longer time getting ready to go out than men. Guys just have it easy putting that cowboy hat on their head and look sharp in a crisp press shirt, wrangler jeans and their boots while the woman is still getting ready, rolling her hair or taking a curling iron to it. Those celebrities that you have mentioned had already made a huge impact over there fans with there unique styles. For women hair is a most valuable asset. Girls with long hair look sexy and beautiful often just by the hair alone.

Big Hair

I would love to have big hair, but unfortunately my hair is far from big, it never was big and i doubt it will ever be. Even so, i sometimes spot such a big hair and for that i use natural hair wigs, they are my escape and i wear them quite often. It never ceases to amaze me the attitude change the other people have whenever i use them though...

Big Hair and a great blog

I really like your blog, but then I too have big hair!!!


Big Hair???

LOL.....I've gotta laugh cause I have my Mother's genetics. Fine hair. It's literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to ever have Texas Big Hair! LOL......

But I do the best I can with it..... : )

I've always had very long

I've always had very long hair, and I've been able to style it in a million different ways. Usually I braid it and put it up so it doesn't swing in my face all day while I'm workin. But lately I've been wantin' to style it like Kim Kardashian's long, wavy hair. Mine's longer and light brown, but hey it's worth a try! :)

Cowboys & Cowgirls, A Rope & A Buck, Give Him A Kiss & Wish Him Luck!

Long Hair- Big Hair- Texas Size Hair

I have to giggle a little reading about us women and our hair. Odd, we start off desiring our long hair but seems as I have gotten older, I have been thinking about cutting more off so it would not take as long putting the hot rollers in just to look our best for you cowboys.

I really like the story and it makes for something else to read about other than horses.

Big texas hair

Growing up my mom would "paint" my face and curl my hair even at a very young age. I'm not sure why but when I was telling a few friends while visiting another state (up north) they seemed to find it very odd. When they asked me about the "hair thing" all I could think to say was what I've always known "the bigger the hair the closer to God". Still brings a heartwarming smile to my face, only now I try to tone it down a bit more.

Big hair...

Oh this is precious!! LOL. I had no idea my hair could have such a powerful impact on men! Good Lord. LOL. Hmm...maybe I should walk to the Fire Station and ask the question to the firemen who came over to help me 2 months back. Hmm...


Big Hair

I don't think a woman's hair is everything but when done right, it does take notice.

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