Hi all, this is Tall in the saddle here just asking the age old question that has been asked many times before. Just what makes a cowboy a cowboy? Is it the clothes ? Or is it something more? Something deeper? Is it his or her ability on a horse? are the way they work a rope? Are is it the way they walk and carry them-selves is that what makes a cowboy a cowboy? Well iv though long and hard over this question and I think it can be sumed up in one word. I remember something my grandfather would say when talking about someone(most of the time it was something someone lacked) and that was gumpsion. Now some of you may not have heard of this word. Websters dictionary says its spells it Gumption. If this is the same word im not sure I just remember my grandfather saying Gumpsion. Now the way you spell it dont matter that much its the way he ment it that makes the difference. He used this word to describe the way a parson acted twards doing something. A parson that has Gumpsion doesnt half to be told twice to do something. If there is a job to do they just get up and do it. That to me is what being a Cowboy is all about "DOING". You ant gona see a Cowboy siten around sayen OH Ow IS ME no way. As my grandfather would say many times "NOTHING EVER GOT DONE SITING AROUND". You got to go get it. To me thats what makes a Cowboy Gumpsion(go get it). What do you think please let me know.



Being a cowboy is a way of

Being a cowboy is a way of life And in order to live that life you have to have ambition and a high pain tolerance have you ever seen a wimp for a cowboy you have to be tough to be a rodeo cowboy cowboy have to have a pilot manner to them and treat woman good not like their just there for their enjoyment

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How can one word be so defined and yet so ambiguous? I mean, look at the word: cowboy \n\: one (as a mounted ranch had) who tends cattle or horses. As defined by 'The Merriam-Webster Dictionary'.

Yet, we do not want to accept that as the final word. Obviously, you want it to have something to do with cows and should it not have something to do with boys? I mean after all that is the word - cowboy.

So we do not accept just the literal word and try to place our prejudices and the life experiences we have had to the word. But is this fair to others who also have prejudices and their own life experiences. I mean, after all the cowboy who is one who tends cows or horses might be upset that he is defined AS anythng else. Does he not have a right to the word and deffinition? And suppose he does not have your belief? Suppose he comes from a different culture and looks different? Does that make him any less than a cowboy?

I would be quick to defend anyone to be a cowboy because I believe the 'spirit' of a cowboy might not be in defiing him with restriction to what I think is a cowboy. He does not have to be of my faith, he does not have to look like me or even sound like me. He simply needs to be a good man (or woman) who follows the good word, "NEVER DO TO ANOTHER WHAT YOU WOULD NOT HAVE DONE TO YOU."

Cowboy Really

ConcreteCowboy, You make a good point, But if the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is to be right we must define a cowboy that way ( I have done all that "cowboy" stuff). But we must look back at the cowboy age (late 1800-ealry 1900) and the lives they lived and how good of people they were. But we must face the fact that most people see a cowboy as the dictionary as defined it

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Cowboy ???

Thanks McLintock. Looking back can be an awakening for the cowboy genre. We do have to recognize that after the civil war and the reconstruction, it forced many black men out to the west. An extremely high amount of cowboys were black. Also because of the form of work (back breaking) and low wages a lot of cowboys were very, very young. It was a different time and often not recognizable through our eyes.

The cowboy today? Let us not have any pre-judgment and hope they are all good men. May the 'cowboy spirit' always be in the 'cowboy life'...


Thanks Concretecowboy for those words and for commenting and thanks again!!!

A Cowboy

I think a cowboy is someone that respects other and who they are, responsibale, and an all aroudn great person



I think you are right on. I see it as an life style you live, if you look back in history you see the cowboys will to do every thing they can to get the job done. Today I do not see many people like that. People today will past a job to some other person who is "in that field". And because of that people in the world today do not: 1. learn new skills, and 2. know that someone is pay THEM to do some thing. Now what I see is when people want work done they get some one who can work on all there stuff. So I think that we who live this "cowboy life style" is few and far between.

Romans 8:28

What Makes A Cowboy

Six thousand years ago God created the Heavens and the earth. He then made man in His own image. Then God told man to have dominion over the earth, to dress and keep it.
A cowboy has a love for the out doors. We are greatful every time the Lord blesses our calf crop, He continues to give us resources to eat and to use in order to survive. He always causes the sun to shine and provides the rain and climates to have nutrition and grazing for our cattle. Sin has made the work hard and a fellow has to spend more time getting the right things to grow, sweat and blood will always be apart of the job, dirt and weeds all part of the terrain we must dress and keep, nevertheless; a cowboy loves his work, it's his way of life because of the gratitude felt deep in our souls when a job is well done.
Hats, horses and spurs are all tools, clothes and resources needed to make that job easier, that identifies a man, but a true cowboy in today age, is one that respects the heritage, obeys the Lord and seeks a better relationship with the Creator. Being out under the sky tending to the handiwork of God.

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God fearing Cowboy

Cracker Cowboy, right on with honoring our Creator. I believe Cowboy's back in the day knew were all things come from. We do not see that anymore even among people who profess Christ. I like what you said: " Being out under the sky tending to the handiwork of God". I pray that more people will see that and give God the glory. But we need more that a relationship with our Creator we need the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, relationship with the Creator is not what the Scriptures calls for. Only by Christ can we give God the glory.

Romans 8:28

That is soo true! I agree

That is soo true!

I agree that labeling someone as a cowboy/girl says more about them than their physical activities. It has alot to do with how they treat others and being respectful to others as well. That's something that people don't always teach their kids anymore. I'm from the South and that is something that is (or used to be) big here. You say yes ma'am/sir or no ma'am/sir to those who are your elders, and you don't call those people by their first names. You "Put a handle on it" as my dad called it. Its just something that was drilled into me as a kid so it just comes natural i guess. Anyway those are just my thoughts on it.

Philippians 4: 13

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Thats the way I see it too La_cowgirl21. I was raised that way too maybe its becouse Im from the south but I like to think that its like that all over the country. That its goes togetther like frog leggs and cat fish.

One Word:

Hi just one word to sum up what you said Cracker Cowboy A-Men!!!

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