The Homecoming

This is a poem i wrote recently and is dedicated to all who have served and are currently protecting our country....

The Homecoming
by Steve Dickson

Our son came home from overseas
From far Afghanistan
He left us as a young farm boy
Returned a wounded man

We had some trouble on the place
While he was over there
Drought hit hard and took some stock
Was not much hope to spare

We asked him what his plans would be
If he could stay around
He sat and stared at yonder fields
His tears fell on the ground

We sat with him in morning's light
As our old rooster crowed
We cried and sighed and listened as
He shared his heavy load

“I’ll not be too much help to you
from this here wheelchair
I left the good things in my life
Saw too much bad out there

But I will stay here on this farm
And do the best I can
To make a good life once again
To be a better man

Though I did lose my arm and leg
Know this was meant to be
I learned a lesson most don't know
Our freedom isn't free”

He had new limbs made out of steel
And stood up on his own
We’re proud that he fought for us all
He’s home and not alone

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