Ol' Dog

My Ol' Dog

When you were just a puppy
your nose so wet and cold
Life was new and so were you
Your eyes were bright and bold

We ran and played together
Were never far apart
We didn't mind the weather
I always loved your heart

When I had to travel far
It hurt to leave you home
All you ever wanted
Was to be there when I'd roam

I still see you in the car
When it was time to go
You were grinning ear to ear
How could we just say no?

The years now past were happy
They have gone by too fast
Both of us are getting gray
Too bad this life won't last

We sit beside the fire
I watch you as you sleep
Dream of playing with the kids
Chase cats and secrets keep

You loved without condition
So loyal to the end
And I am always grateful
That you were my best friend

Steve Dickson

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