Branding at Dark Thirty

Last Tuesday evening, I had a wonderful opportunity to meet a great American Cowboy family. They live and ranch up in the Tonto Basin near Roosevelt Lake in Arizona. I was up there just needing to get away from the city (it was Arizona Bike Week and I had been shooting Motorcycle events) and was shooting pictures of the desert with Four Peaks in the background.

As I was driving to get a better shot of the sunset reflecting off of the snow still gathered on Four Peaks, I noticed a cattle truck and loading chutes of to my right.
I stopped in, a bit hesitant because I could hear a couple of young kids playing and giggling and I did not want to freak out their mom and dad. As I walked around the truck I was able to meet a part of our American Cowboy history in the making. Destry and Terry were in the process of running the last of their penned cattle through the squeeze chute as the did their tally. They had two last calves to brand and allowed me to photograph their family as they worked on into dark. The 7/K is in good hands with folks that have put their faith in the Lord and their backs into their ranch.
Most folks that live in the city, complain if they have to work over 8 hours. I know this family had been running a day and into the night.
Please join me in celebrating a great American family at work.

American Cowboy Picture

Branding at Dark Thirty



Cool photos, Jim!

Cool photos, Jim!

Philip Armour

Thank you

Thank you, I am glad that you like them. I will continue to work to make sure the photos I put up represent the American Cowboy way of life well.
Jim Moon

Jim Moon

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