Times Gone By ( Respect the past while it is in front of you)

This old truck is on a ranch in southern Colorado, near Cortez. As you all may have noticed, I was offline again for awhile. After my 2 additional heart attacks in Oct. and Nov. of last year, I had a hard time getting my stamina back. As I did, in Feb. I had an accident and almost lost my left arm. A tale for another time. In August, my wife had a family reunion in the beautiful state of Colorado, while roaming around her uncles ranch, I saw this old flat bed, it reminded me of my Grandpa's place in U Cross,WY.

He was the foreman of a huge ranch that sat right below a bench that had sea shells and fossils that as a kid I though was normal to find. I also would find Arrow Heads and all kinds of other things. I thought nothing of it.

This old truck was another thing that as a kid I would not have thought about. Grandpa had about 20 or 30 old trucks behind the chicken coop. Me and my equally stupid cousins, would find entertainment in breaking the windows out of them and playing hide and seek from the badgers and snakes that where in the area.

I now spend my time, looking for things of the past to share with the current generations and regret the ignorance of my youth in not helping to preserve the past. I know things are better now, because the kids at that reunion, just wanted to get in the old truck and on the old tractors and play like they where ranchers and farmers. Perhaps they will learn from us, if we share it with them, instead of sticking it behind a chicken coop and ignoring it.

American Cowboy Picture

Old Retired Chevrolet Work Truck


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