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KNOW HOW: Stampede String

Subscriber Cari Brown from Airway Heights, Wash., wrote me a letter recently asking about how to attach a stampede string to a cowboy hat—without ruining it with too many holes. To get expert advice on the stampede string (a.k.a. hurricane strap, chin string, head holding tie down), I contacted Trent Johnson of Greeley Hat Works ( Stampede String

Is it rude to wear a COWBOY HAT indoors?

Yes—cross the threshold and remove cover. No—my hat stays on rain, shine, or roof.

Harrison Ford in Cowboys and Aliens movie

It's official: Harrison Ford will be returning to the silver screen as a cowboy ... or an Indian or an alien. According to entertainment industry sources, the actor has signed on to Jon Favreau's blockbuster-to-be, Cowboys and Aliens.

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