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Once Upon A Home

How often have you driven the back roads and seen an old pioneer homestead and really thought about it. I have been up and down the Continental Divide this spring and I saw many a place lost and forgotten. The structure is still there, but I wonder, is the spirit of the pioneer still with us? Do we still go wander just to see what is over the next hill. Once Upon A Home!


Winnsboro Wild West Days

Location Jack Cross Pavilion/Winnsboro City Park 900 Wheeler Drive Winnsboro, TX Date:  Fri, 2013-11-15 08:00 - Sun, 2013-11-17 17:00 Event Description:  Winnsboro Wild West Days, Nov. 15th, 16th & 17th at Jack Cross Pavilion in Winnsboro, TX City Park. Join us for a fun filled weekend with a RGA Sanctioned Old West Competition (must be RGA to compete) along with shootouts, historical reenactments, vendors, food, music and much more. For more info call 903-342-1300 or email legendsofcrossroads@yahoo.com or visit our website www.thelegendsofcrossroads.com. This event is hosted by The Legends of Crossroads


Cowboy Quotes - 10 Old West Sayings Worth Remembering #39

CowboySpirit.TV - Everyone has heard at least a few tall tales, including the one that ends, “uphill, both ways, in a freezing blizzard.” Also known as hyperbole, many of these common exaggerations got their start in the Old West. Here are ten more Old West sayings to remember. 1. A friend will stick with you 'til they’re cutting ice in Death Valley.


Western Novel Spotlight - Monte Walsh

CowboySpirit.TV - Written as individual episodes over ten years, Monte Walsh is the story of lifelong friendship at the time of the end of the old west when open ranges were being fenced in as the big (city based) cartels took over everything in the name of profit, uncaring for the traditions and principles of the old breed of cowboys who tamed the land and


Tuesday Movie Trivia - Lone Star (1996)

CowboySpirit.TV- The 1990s saw the release of many great western movies. Among these was the 1996 release of Lone Star, an update on the western genre which takes place in the 1950s as a sheriff follows an investigation that uncovers the secrets of the town he swore to protect and the secrets of his own family.


This Week in Old West History - December 10

CowboySpirit.TV - A night of blood, Wild Bill Hickok, the passing of Sitting Bull, and one of the largest Earthquakes in US history. It's just another everyday exciting week in old west history! December 10

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