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Once Upon A Home

How often have you driven the back roads and seen an old pioneer homestead and really thought about it. I have been up and down the Continental Divide this spring and I saw many a place lost and forgotten. The structure is still there, but I wonder, is the spirit of the pioneer still with us? Do we still go wander just to see what is over the next hill. Once Upon A Home!

American Cowboy Picture

Road foundered

In these journal excerpts from a recent 2,500-mile branding trip, rancher John Welch relates the ups and downs of branding cattle in unfamiliar country.

American Cowboy Picture

You Don't Have to Fear Ninjitsu Cattle

The calf was bawling as it slid backwards through the now dusty branding area. “Get ready,” I told my daughter. The excitement and apprehension were written on her face. “I don’t know what to do” she exclaimed as the horse pulled the calf by her. www.savethecowboy.com

American Cowboy Picture

What's the Beef? From soup to nuts.....A rancher's wife speaks out.....

Cattlemen and farmers have a knack for speaking the truth in straight-forward terms. Having now been married for more than 40 years to a fourth-generation rancher/cowboy, who seems to be a 'throw-back' in many ways, I've found listening for those tidbits of universal truth a fascinating process! Here's a peek at the Sixth Generation on our Family Ranch! The "littlest wranglers!"

Dublin Rodeo History

In a community best known for the world's oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant and the last one to use pure cane sugar, the Lightning C Ranch is a faded memory. During the Forties and Fifties, the Texas-based company produced rodeos in New York City's Madison Square Garden, the Boston Gardens, and even the Houston Rodeo.

Windmills, water

Capture the Wind

Wind, you may spend half your time thanking the good Lord for it and the other half of your time cussing it. Without the Windmill, it is a question of if the West ever would have been won. Water is the one thing that needed to be harnessed in order for the people, stock and crops to survive. Capture the Wind

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