American Cowboy Picture

Basic Grilled Baby Back Ribs

It just isn’t summer without ribs, and they don’t get much easier than this.

American Cowboy Picture

Cowboy and Flyboy

Montana rancher Hank Esp learned to fly airplanes in the service and, at 88 years old, he still gets airborne almost every day and horseback any time it’s necessary.

American Cowboy Picture

Watt Matthews: Dean of Texas Cattlemen

Don’t be fooled by the East Coast college diploma—Watt Matthews was a true Westerner.

American Cowboy Picture

How to swim cattle

From the words of Fay Ward's The Cowboy at Work(1958), how to safely and successfully swim cattle.

American Cowboy Picture

Jesse Chisholm

Though neither a rancher nor much of a cowboy, Jesse Chisholm established the most well-known and trafficked cattle trail in American history.

American Cowboy Picture

"Duke"ing it out

Which of the Duke's roles—cowboy or soldier—where his greatest?

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