The 100 Greatest Westerns of All Time

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Debate whether or not your favorites made the cut below.

1. Once Upon a Time in the West
2. The Searchers
3. Red River
4. High Noon
5. Shane
6. Unforgiven
7. Johnny Guitar
8. The Wild Bunch
9. Bad Day at Black Rock
10. Greed
11. Stagecoach
12. McCabe and Mrs. Miller
13. No Country for Old Men
14. They Died with their Boots On
15. Will Penny
16. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
17. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
18. The OxBow Incident
19. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
20. Monte Walshq
21. Broken Arrow
22. My Darling Clementine
23. Lonely Are the Brave
24. Rancho Notorious
25. The John Ford Cavalry Trilogy
26. The Gunfighter
27. Rio Bravo
28. Winchester `73
29. Hondo
30. The Man from Laramie
31. Ulzana’s Raid
32. Blood on the Moon
33. Major Dundee
34. The Magnificent Seven
35. The Naked Spur
36. Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy
37. Bend of the River
38. Tumbleweeds
39. Hombre
40. Hud
41. Don’t Fence Me In
42. Dodge City
43. The Big Sky
44. Ride the High Country
45. Open Range
46. The Westerner
47. Last of the Mohicans
48. The Shootist
49. Destry Rides Again
50. The Professionals
51. Tall in the Saddle
52. Ride Lonesome
53. The Plainsman
54. Cat Ballou
55. The Tall T
56. Jesse James
57. Little Big Man
58. Riders of the Purple Sage
59. The Alamo
60. The Far Country
61. Three Godfathers
62. Appaloosa
63. Forty Guns
64. 3:10 to Yuma
65. Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
66. Sergeant Rutledge
67. Little Big Horn
68. Seven Men From Now
69. Santa Fe Trail
70. The Paleface
71. Angel and the Badman
72. Duel in the Sun
73. How the West was Won
74. The Big Trail
75. Paint Your Wagon
76. Tombstone
77. Hearts of the West
78. Hang `em High
79. Ten Wanted Men
80. The Virginian
81. Lone Star
82. Run of the Arrow
83. The Vanishing American
84. The Outlaw Josey Wales
85. Jeremiah Johnson
86. Cowboy
87. Barbarosa
88. One-Eyed Jacks
89. Bad Company
90. Ramrod
91. The Long Riders
92. The Missing
93. Four Faces West
94. The Ballad of Little Jo
95. The Covered Wagon
96. No Name on the Bullet
97. Brokeback Mountain
98. Western Union
99. Support Your Local Sheriff
100. The Kentuckian



There're a lot on this list that I have yet to see but there are also some major stinkers pretty high up. Who put this list together Entertainment Tonight? Once upon a time in the west had amazing production quality but the plot sucked and the characters were annoying. Lonely are the brave was a complete waste of an hour of my life, I kept hoping until the end and then I got angry when the end credits rolled, like they ran out of money. Speaking of Kirk Douglas, why is Gunfight at OK corale not on anyone's top 10 lists? The depth of character and the chemistry between character is unheard of in any other western I've seen. Kirk is by far my favorite Doc Holliday. Stagecoach should definitely be top 10. I liked the man who shot liberty valence at first but when you think about it, the true hero of the movie wasn't a hero at all but merely a coward sniper who didn't even put his life on the line for the city. Also, said person should have died at the encounter. Also, Butch Cassidy and the sun dance kid, like most Paul Newman films is over rated. I loved Robert Redford's character at first but when they ride a bike for 10 minutes to "raindrops keep falling on my head", have a bunch of borderline humorous stick ups ending with an unexpected ending it let me down tremendously.

Also, since you have new ones and crossover genres, what about Maverick or The mask of Zorro.

Two Films that Belong

Despite Heaven's Gate's misrepresention of the Johnson County War, its a pretty good western. Also, one of the best, Little Big Man, is not on the list. What gives?

100 Greatest Westerns

I hope your list is not in order by - I mean Once Upon a time in the West as number 1. Are you kidding.?
Also, where is Westward the Women - with Robert Taylor.

Any spaghetti western with Clint is a joke. Josey Wales and a Mule for Sister Sara were great however (and Unforgiven of course).

The top Twelve for me are:(In order)
The Searchers
High Noon
The Big Country
The Outlaw Josey Wales
Dances with Wolves
Westward the Women
Duel in the Sun
The Naked Spur
The Man from Laramie
Ride the High Country
True Grit - the original

With very few exceptions, I

With very few exceptions, I would agree with Doc Doc on these. Every one is a great movie. The Searchers is definitely number one. I would move Big Country higher on the list. And I agree the Spaghetti Westerns have no place near the same list as these.

Outhouse Material

The only good place for this book is in the outhouse so it can be used as needed. They toss on Duke's image on the cover to draw you in then they really pull a stinker once you open the book. They list about a dozen of Wayne's films to try and make the book look good but it's definitely a 10 on the stinker scale. Just another attempt to sell a book using the image of an American Icon. Next time you have an idea like this, stick to what you do best... ah, ah,.I'm trying to think of something to list here but my mind keeps drawing a blank. The only good page in the book was page 190. ;)

Brokeback mountain, really?!

How is brokeback mountain one of the top 100? I know there are better westerns that aren't on the list, such as true grit (either one) or the rounders.

Also which version of Monte Walsh made the list?

No Grit

Hey, they missed True Grit. Twice. We've been talking about this for weeks and it didn't make the cut. Rio Bravo and no El Dorado. They are practically the same movie. High Plains Drifter was good. Silverado was pretty good, a young Kevin Costner.
Now, if Paleface made it, and don't get me wrong, I would have included Son of Paleface. Maybe sequels were not considered. Although Leone's trilogy was in. But, I would have included Blazing Saddles. Classic.
A few good omissions were Billy the Kid vs. Dracula. Not good. And Jesse James vs. Frankensteins Daughter was a mess. Good love scenes though.
Overall, a very good list. I'll be busy the next few weeks kicking my Netflix account into overdrive and running down the list.
One last suggestion. Kasey Kasem the list and start with 100 and work your way to number 1. Build that excitement.
Great job.

You can leave your horse to water, I'll have a drink.

As with any "greatest" list,

As with any "greatest" list, it is always subjective.

First, I think one must determine what criteria is used. Is it authinticity? Story line? Acting?

Many of those on the list fit into one or two of those criteria, but not all three. For example, Shane has a great story line and pretty good acting, but not very authinticate when it comes to clothing and weapons.

Most John Wayne films are great, but they also come up short when looking at the clothing and weapons.

I think, for all three of the above criteria, Appaloosa, Lonesome Dove, and Open Range come pretty close to being best.

But, once again, that is subjective.

Also, almost every western made is wrong when it comes to saddles. They all constantly use saddles that were not made until the 1940s and 50's.

I know Lonesome Dove was a

I know Lonesome Dove was a mini-series but it is most definitely worth mentioning on this list.

100 Greatest Westerns - Missing a few

There are a few I think you missed and one that was an older version that was also terrific -

Missing are; Tom Horn
Nevada Smith
The Cowboys - J. Wayne

Older Version;
The Appalossa with Marlon Brando

Mike Dyste

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