Wolves at the Door

The North American gray wolf is being hunted again (legally), but guns are not the only tool available to ranchers. One national environmental group is advocating a slew of non-lethal wolf management techniques for protecting herds. Will ranchers adapt?

By Lauren M. Whaley

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"Duke"ing it out

Which of the Duke's roles—cowboy or soldier—where his greatest?

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Perfect Storm

Nearly six months after October 2013's Atlas Storm raged through South Dakota and Wyoming, ranchers are still keenly feeling the affects.

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Brand Awareness

A husband and wife debate the merits and drawback of table branding versus the rope-and-drag method.

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Clone Zone

A geneticist and a breeder go head-to-head in this modern debate

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Steers and Beers

There is a well-documented and sometimes dubious connection between cowboy culture and alcohol, but beef and brewing industries have long shared a profitable partnership.

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From Pasture to Plate

More than ever, the American consumer wants to know where their food comes from. The trend is finding a groove for row crops, with the farmer’s markets increasing in popularity and frequency in urban areas. With more and more farm-to-table opportunities for consumers, cattle rancher Amanda Radke explores what the trend means for the beef industry.

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Horses for Heroes

This program connects soldiers and horses in order to help begin the healing process.

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Who's the true king of the arena? Roper Shane Hanchey and roughstock rider Seth Glause debate the cowboy cred of “timeys” versus “roughies.”

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Do Unto Others

The spirit of giving back and helping the community has always been integral to Western culture, And the slew of Western-oriented charities is evidence. Here’s a look at four prominent organizations that work to spread goodwill and good ol’ American values.

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The Great Divide: Horse Power

To ride or to drive? Ranchers John Rice, of California, and Mike Rivera, of New Mexico, weigh in on the pros and cons of working horseback.

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