Ultimate Cowboy Horse Breeds

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Which is your favorite? Comment below.

1. The American Quarter Horse:
Heavily muscled and compact, this is the world’s most popular and versatile horse breed—the ideal ranching mount. American Quarter Horse Assn., 806-376-4811, aqha.com

2. Paint: The second-largest breed registry in the U.S., Paints (pictured) are similar to Quarter horses in build and temperament but are spotted. American Paint Horse Assn., 817-834-2742, apha.com

3. Appaloosa: Bred by the Nez-Perce Indians for their strength, speed, and coloration, Appaloosas connote the West more than any other breed. Appaloosa Horse Club, 208-882-5578, appaloosa.com

4. Mustang: Strong and loyal, broke Mustangs retain their wild intuition, which makes them very intelligent. American Mustang & Burro Assn., ambainc.net

5. Morgan: America’s first recognized horse breed, Morgans were popular Civil War mounts prized for strength and versatility. American Morgan Horse Assn., 802-985-4944, morganhorse.com

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Cowboy Horses

Just as a note.......A paint is simply a painted color American Quarter Horse. I own both and to be a paint or considered for registry the horse must be either get of registered paints or both parents must be registered quarter horses - the same for a Palomino. Their dna must be traceable to registered AQHA stock and their characteristics/muscle size etc. are the same.

As to the best for cattle work - is the horse that can do the job. Work all day and then some, cool calm and collected, listens, smart, anticipatory and fun to ride :)


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