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As a kid, I was happy to swim in any body of water that I could get wet. I didn't care if it was a cattle tank, a muddy creek, ponds, springs or rivers. If it was water and deep enough to swim, we swam.

Summer was always about swinging from ropes over the water before dropping into the refreshing water. Later I would cliff dive, at Edge Falls or sometimes at Windy Point, Lake Travis, Texas. There was even an abandon rock quarry off Barker Road in Austin, Texas that I would head too for some cool cliff diving.

However, swimming wasn't always about cliffs as often we would ride inter tubes down the many rivers like the San Marcos, Nueces, Frio and Guadalupe.

Great swimming holes along the Pedernales near Dripping Springs, Texas or along the Blanco and Llano Rivers.

I even learned to scuba dive and did the Blue Hole in Guam, Porto Bello and one day, dove the pacific, Gatun Lake and the Caribbean all in one day though that was in Panama where the distance is merely fifty miles from one side to the other.

Some great places I swam was Diego Garcia in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Pagsanjan Falls in the Philippines and even view Tequendama Falls, on the Bogota River, Columbia.

However, my favorite was Edge Falls http://www.americancowboy.com/blogs/south-texas-cowboy/prodigious-swimin...

What is your favorite swimming hole?

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Swimming is fun

I was the same way when I was a kid. I used to absolutely LOVE swimming every summer. I would jump off cliffs into lakes and go out on the boat to tube. It was a blast. Now, I have my very own pool so swimming and sitting around the pool is my daily highlight...

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When I was a kid, I used to

When I was a kid, I didn't liked it because I don't have any passion in swimming, but as I learned the basics, I starting to love it.

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My best swimming holes

Some of the best swimming holes I ve been to were places I found while traveling. One place i can't find again was off a highway in Wyoming in 1989. Another was the Escalante river in Utah near Hole in the Wall. By far my favorites though are Rush creek just before it enters Mono Lake in the eastern Sierra and Upper San Mateo Creek below Tenaja Falls in the Santa Ana Mountains. I try to spend a couple days at each place every year.

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When I was little most of my swimming trips was to pools, with the occasional swim in a river. Now I usually go to the few friends and families pools for a cool refreshment from the heat. Was able to take my nephew to swim in my aunts new inground pool they built. It was nice. Suffering from a slight sunburn but that will turn into a tan soon and ill be hitting the water again!

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River Wild

my swimming hole was more of a river. when I was young we had a small river run through our backyard. Swimming in the river were some of the best times of my childhood.

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Me too... My sister learned

Me too... My sister learned to swim all by herself just by going to the river almost everyday. It's so peaceful, the trees and the blue sky are your only companions and the running water is like music to my ears..

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Favorite Swimming Hole

The "Indian Hole" in Cherry Valley here in Tuolumne CA.

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The Swimming Hole

Stinky Falls.....New Braunfels, Texas. The natural spring fed Comal River next to the Guadalupe River. I forget why they called it stinky falls. Someone said it was because of a sulfur mill while another said it was because of all the hippies of the 60's-70's smoking pot.

I heard about Jacob's Well too but never found it. It has underwater caverns that I heard is very dangerous of getting lost and also pushed through the underwater currents. I'll stick with my inter-tube, ice chest and Lone Star Beer as we float down the Guadalupe.....Hee...Yaa...

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I spent most of my grade

I spent most of my grade school years on the Tualitan river in Ore. There were many swim parks up and down the river at that time. So in order to keep from paying the .25 cents to get in we would jump in below our place and swim about 1/2 mile down the river to slip in the back way. Week ends I would take my dog and my .22 and hike up the river for several miles and build me a raft and float back down to our own dock. Usually sleeping out one night and eating the fish I was able to catch. They built a dam on this river back in the 70s and it got polluted. All the parks closed down and it wasn't even fit to fish in. At one time Rippleys Belive it or not said the Tualitin River had a greater variety of fish in it then any other river in the US. The town of Tualian hald a crawfish festavill every year and all the crawfish came out of this river. Now it's so polluted that a crawfish can't even live in it. I guess they still hold the festavill but have to import their crawfish from La.

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