California Cowboys

The group is for all the cowboys and cowgirls from the Golden State, the far west or as they say up north the Left edge of the west.

Need Gear ?

: NWA Western Outfitters is currently a Ride Right and American Hats Co. dealer, can order B. Tuff mens clothing and we have some used bullriding gear


Just wanted to welcome our new memebers and encourage all of you to use this site often. I am trying to put together a list of events throughout the state so if everyone helps out we can use this group to help connect us all.


My Heart is still The GOLDEN STATE,

My HEART, is still THE GOLDEN STATE. I miss the greeness of THE GOLD RUSH COUNTRY AREA. I'm living ware their state flower a "Weed". I was born in Northern CA. I was raised with "Country Vales". I heard about the AZ, while growing up. That's little about CA's Country Lady.

California in the Heart

Well, I just wanted to say that although I've spent alot of time in California, I currently don't live there. Despite this, I love California! Especially N. California. I lived in Sacramento for several years (7 total) and I spent alot of time in San Francisco. I will most likely return permanently once I've got my Masters degree. So, yes, Calfornia is always with the heart.

B.T.W.- I presently live in Pennsylvania.

Quincy P. Morris

Team ropers- I know yer out there

Aren't there any more of you out there? I am looking for any team roping events in Southern California. My 11 yo son is an aspiring header but needs to see more of it up close first hand. It would be great to use this group as a way to connect and to list events happening throughout the golden state.

SoCal team roping...

Hi there, oh for sure the Salinas rodeo!!! You probably already know that one though. Have you tried 4H groups? I know some around here (wine country/sac) have horse events for various age groups that are fun. Or maybe as they have lists of events across the state from what I've seen. Various levels too.
good luck



Golden state Cow folks

I know I aint the only one here. I see ya all going down the road. I am in Meadowberook (Southwestern Riverside County.)I only have three acres of my own but I manage 85 for someone else. The have mostly orchards and row crops. I keep horses, goats chickens and what ever my kids drag in. I am looking to start a small row crop operation and graze a few head of cattle. Anyone out there working small acreage want to give suggestions?

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