How to Start a Ranch

I want to start my own ranch after college. I was wondering what type's of ranch are profiting right now and any tips you have on starting a ranch. Also, I'm in high school right now what should I major in in college. What natural features should my ranch have? Is cattle ranching the best way to go? Why do they make you have at least one hundred words in your blog? Well, Please help this is what I've wanted to do since I was a very little kid and I just need help on want to do. If you help I'd be very grateful and I still don't have 100 words... So, I don't know what else to ask.



Well, I hope you have a lot

Well, I hope you have a lot of ready-available money on hand. The costs of land alone is tremendous.

You did not say if you were willing to move to another area. Where do you want to ranch?

When I was a young pup, it took about 40 head of cattle to "break even." I have heard recently that the number is now around 100, but that would depend on many factors.

As to what college course you should take, I would recommend some business courses first, because a ranch is first and foremost a business, unless you are so rich you want to do it as a hobby, like some movie stars and country-singers do.

On the other hand, I know a number of sucessful ranchers around here that barely got through high school. But they are of our "older" generation and got into the business many years ago and have struggled for years to make their ranch a sucess.

Why don't you start out by finding a small ranch you can just lease? Then you will learn if you are really cut out for the 24/7/365 days work, which is what it takes to ranch.

Another idea is to find a job on a sucessful ranch and work as a hand for a year or two. Pay attention and learn from the ones you work with.

You have a wondeful dream and you should pursue it, but be prepared for all the potholes on that path.

Good luck!

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