Is hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") on private rangeland good or bad for ranchers?”


My Expierence

A little over a year ago I flew to Denver for a job interview to work in the oil fields in North Dakota as a field diesel mechanic following a Frac fleet around to ensure proper operation avoid major failures and to fix and maintain what I could with a endless supply of whatever I demanded. Which in my line of work is ideal. I am young however and have not been around long enough to see booms before this being my first at the age of 22, so forgive me if I am ignorant to some extent because the majority of what I have seen has been a strong dedication to respecting the landowners and the property on which they depend so highly on. I have seen negative effects to but never from the company I worked for. All I can suggest to those who have had oil discovered on the land is dont just take tBilly,he offer of the highest bidder because you will regret it. Companies like Marathon Oil and Conoco go above and beyond any expectation you would have. They use giant duck ponds as we called them that went completely under the full length of the truck and frac unit to prevent any spills or contamination to the ground any oil or diesel spilt had to be dug up and hauled out Ive even seen them make people dig up there own urine. As far as the science goes into loosing water forever into the oil tables I have no response to that Im not a scientist and dont claim to be id recommend talking to someone knowledgeable in the issue if drilling on your land is a option just dont be blind sided by common beliefs there are good hearted companies out there and the two I mentioned I would have no problem letting them drill and frac my families land and I wish anyone having there land mined the best

Why anyone would support this

Why anyone would support this is beyond me. I suppose people are attracted by the prospects of jobs and income, but that's a myopic way of viewing things. Long term, it could cause irreparable damage to your land.
It also takes a lot of water, a resource that's often scarce in the West.
The science and evidence seem pretty clear on this one.

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hydralic fracking

You are right about the water resources Cactus Jack. I live in the heart of the Bakken play in North Dakota. We do not even know the effects of this down the road. They use from 1.5 million gall to 2.5 million gall per frack job per well ( their own numbers) and many are fracked more than once. This is frech water that is then contaminated and deep injected to be lost to the hydrological cycle forever. We are being changed forever in this area and I feel not for the better. Sure the jobs are good for our state, however when one of your closest towns goes from around 1500 to 10,000 people in about 3 to 4 years (not counting the surrounding man camps outside city limits)_ the infrastructure cannot keep up or our ambulance or law enforcement. Its a sad situation and greed is rampant.

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