Is it rude to wear a COWBOY HAT indoors?



Its mostly common sense

It is acceptable to wear your hat in a bar, a livestock show or a general public place. Common sense should tell you to remove it in a home or at a dining place IF there is an acceptable resting place for it. Definitely should be removed like any hat for the national anthem. If you have been raised with any manners at all and general respect for others common sense is going to guide you in when it should be removed.

Yes and no. It is perfectly

Yes and no.

It is perfectly acceptable to wear your hat indoors in places of public. This would be your lobbies, sport stadiums, bars, shops and stores, etc...

You should remove you hat when you enter a person's home, personal office, introducing yourself to a lady, entering a church, or sitting down at a table to dine.

At least that is how I was brought up.

Remove your hat? Yes sir/ma'am

My grandma took it as a sign of disrespect to her if you did not remove your hat after crossing the threshold and entering her home. When I was a child she would slap the hat off of my head if ever I "forgot" to remove it.

Her teaching stuck with me so I guess I will stick with it.

E. Stewart, Lawman

Wow! Very complicated

Wow! Very complicated question indeed! I've just gave my vote for this question. I hope my valuable vote will be able to help win success. Thanks mate. :)

My hat is part of my stile, I

My hat is part of my stile, I wear it all the time, both inside and outside and ignore all the rules... however, I think the Church is the exception in such a case indeed, you always have to take your hat off there, but I don't really care since I am an atheist and never ever attend it.

Caps and Hats Both!

I voted yes, and it applies to caps as well as hats. 'Course, I'm 74 years old and come from nearly four generations back.

The only places I've noticed that old-timers don't remove their hats and caps are those places such as pool halls and domino parlors, reserved exclusively for men, and in sale barns and arenas. Today's pool halls, such as you'll find in cities instead of small towns, don't count, since cowboys and genuine westerners won't be hanging out there anyhow.

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I do not see a problem with

I do not see a problem with wearing a cowboy hat inside. I know a lot of people think this is rude. I do not see a problem with it at all. GO with it.

It depends

I think that it really depends a few things. First of all a shouldn't be any different than a normal baseball cap. It isn't like a baseball cap can be work but a cowboy hat can't be worn indoors. The general rule of thumb I look at is the house I am entering. Where I live it is very normal and culturally ok to have a cowboy hat indoors or any other hat for that matter. So you need to look at the culture. Another rule of thumb is to look at the family. You can't rely on the culture alone. Some families have different opinions. If your going into a house that you know doesn't like hats in the house then take it off. If you have no idea if they care or not just ask. If you go by those rules you should generally be ok. As for a definitive yes or no answer as to is it ok....I would have to say Yes and No. It depends on the house your entering.

Just because it is a cowboy

Just because it is a cowboy hat, it doesn't mean that it is exempted from not being taken off in the house. It also serves as a respect to the other people living in the house. When a cowboy speaker is speaking in, he took off his hat.

I guess it is not bad to wear

I guess it is not bad to wear cowboy hat indoors. My dad also always wears a cowboy hat indoor. My mom also doesn't minds about that, but I am not sure about cultures of other families. In my personal opinion we should let everyone to stay comfortable, if someone feels comfortable wearing cowboy hat while staying any where then we should let them. Now a days you can also find cowboy hats in supermarket and.

Hats On or Off

My dad always said hats off in the house, church, and at the table you eat at.

Nothing's wrong and rude to wear a Cowboy Hat on nowdays.

Let me tell you about this matter. I always take my hat off when I go to church and inside homes where I'm visiting, even my relatives if necessary. Let me tel you more, nothing's wrong and rude to be with Cowboy Hat all time on nowdays. Thank you.

It Depends

I said no because it depends on where you are and what you're doing.

Somebody's home or office - hat off

Feed store, hardware store, most any store I shop at - hat stays on (no place to put my hat and I need hands to pick stuff up)

Restaurant with waitstaff - hat off going in; if there is no place to put it, hat goes back on

Fast food - hat stays on while I'm carrying drinks and food, hat off when I sit down if there is some place to put it

Covered arena, barn, auction - hat on

Movies and traditional church - hat off


well said, just common sense

I said no bc unless your in

I said no bc unless your in church or eating, i think its ok to keep your hat on. This is just from what ive heard from my dad and my pawpaw...

Philippians 4: 13

Forum Moderator - American Cowboy

cowboy hats

If you're planning on stayng a while...take the hat off. If you're eating a In a bar...where would you hang it? Simple manners from years ago have been lost. My son left his hat on during supper one day...and my dad "helped" him remove it with one swing of his arm. A home is just that...for polite company. A campfire is different. Remember where you are and act accordingly.

I find it rude for people to

I find it rude for people to wear a hat indoors, with the exception of a bar. Otherwise, remove the head gear. (a habit I was taught as a child and enforced by my time in the military)

Cowboy Hat

If you are at an indoor rodeo, I see nothing wrong with leaving your hat on. If you are in Church, Remove It.....

I agree with you, Kellie.

Inside Church, no matter it could be on Catholic Church, Cowboy Church, Lutheran or any church you go to, always take your hat off as supposed to be.

In any rodeo ciucuit, including indoor rodeo like National Finals Rodeo in Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. Always wear a cowboy hat depending the excitement of each event, even Bull Riding being the most dangerous event. }

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