Smokeless Tobacco: Pro or Con?



My last dip

I started dipping at age 11. Copenhagen wintergreen was the best tasting for me. I never got sick from my first dip and took to it like a fish to a worm on a hook. I was up to 2 cans a day every day.
You guys may say what you want from what I'm about to say here but just wait until you're in my seat! I had the normal sores in my mouth over the years but I always ALWAYS brushed my teeth and took good care of them. I wasn't always at the dentist for every appointment or cleaning cause 1. I'm a working man and didn't always have time to go and 2. I never had any teeth problems so why go? Its damn expensive with my crappy insurance!
So yeah, life was good.. until about 2 months ago. Had a lump on the back of my tongue.. I thought how odd but whatever. Long story short.. i am starting chemo for oral cancer from smokeless tobacco and will soon have surgery. Fool yourselves all you want.. it causes cancer PERIOD! Bash me if you want.. but come sit in my saddle a while and lets see how you feel! Free advice.. quit while you can before you find out you got cancer from this shit. It ain't worth it!

my first chew

I had my first chew when i was in grade 9 my pal CHRIS NAUTS gave me my first oinch on the links playing some golf. Haven't stopped since having 3 chews a day for 2 years loving the stuff.

I had my first "dip, chew"

I had my first "dip, chew" whatever y'all wanna call it, when I was 5 years old, I reckon it was about 1996. My old man always told me it was "worm s**t" and I asked to try a bit of it. At the age of 5 I was nearly crying and drooling all over myself. I think I ended up blowing chuncks if y'all know what I mean. At the age of 11 I decided I liked the flavor of Copenhagen pretty good, thanks to Chris LeDoux. I'm now 20 (13 days until I'm 21) and I do sometimes regret it, only when I'm about out of cash. I gotta say I enjoy a tossing in a in a dip after a long, hard days work. I reckon it just might kill me one day, but i gotta die somehow. Might as well be from something I love, after all, "that's what love will get you".


I started dipping Cope back when I first started working construction in Huntington Beach. We dipped most of the day at work on the job site, then continued after work while drinking. 'Just tuck it over to the side, and let the beer kinda wash past it'. We would add a few drops of Cuervo into a can if it got too dry. Eventually I switched to Skoal Wintergreen. Long cut if you must know.
Most guys I worked with also chewed and on the weekends it could be quite a spit fest. Once, at a friend's house, I used an empty Coke can to protect the carpet and accidentally left it by his child. The kid sipped from the can and started to cough. Being so young he sipped from the can again to clear his cough. It was quite a scene. One that I think back on even to this day. Well, thankfully for me, the dad was also a 'dipper' and 'understood'.
I quit dipping regularly about ten years ago. But I am known to get a can for a few dips and toss the rest. Not worth the high price, but not worth the cancer either.
One of the crew dipped constantly and frequently would go to bed with a dip 'in'.

You can leave your horse to water, I'll have a drink.

I started chewing at 13

I started at 13 and have only quit for a week when I was 26. Not a good week for anyone close to me. This is the only bad habbit I have and it suck the price keeps going up. When the good lord tells me to quit I will.

I started at 8 years old

I started at 8 years old on copenhagen then moved to redman and levi realy wish i had not started ive tryed to quite but i chew to much gum i started at rodeos with the older kids then i just kept doing it away from the rodeos and now at 16 there aint much chance of stoping.

Rodeo man

This is kind of a rough one

This is kind of a rough one to form an opinion on. I started smoking arournd age 12. Ya'll know the kids routien. When we couldn't steal them from the folks we were reduced to horsedoc and dried coffee grounds roled in toilet paper. Bull durham was cheep a nickle a bag. I quit smoking in 91, not because of any problems with it but because I was working at a Nuke Power plant and you couldn't smoke around any of the equipment or parts due to contamination. I had chewd of and on before even while smoking but when I quit smoking I started chewing Levi Garrett seriously. Now the question is, is smokless tobaco safer? I have read studies about cope and other canned tobaco causing cheek and lip cancer. But I have never seen any results from studies done on longleaf chewing tobaco such as Levi, Red Man etc. That is picked and cured natural in sheds. The canned stuff has chemicals added. And I do not spit which is a nasty habit.

They say cope. is part horse manure and part pepper. Some say it don't have any pepper in it

The Cowboy Poet

In some ways smokeless

In some ways smokeless tobacco is more healthy that smoking tobacco but from what I read so far smokeless tobacco is not completely risk free. I've been a smoker for 10 years and I really enjoyed until health problems started showing up. It was really difficult to quit and I got help through addiction treatment, now I am glad I took this decision. So not, I don't support smokeless tobacco not the smoking tobacco.

Clean air in a smokeless World?

I started smoking cigarettes at age 14. Yes, to young and yes, I know the greater risk of heart disease and lung cancer. At youth Rodeo and Jack Pots, the tobacco representatives, SKOAL and COPENHAGEN alike would be there and hand out free cans to the riders. Regardless of age. There was no laws as to what age one had to be to use tobacco.

I can appreciate how a lady might feel about kissing some guy with that dip tuck under his lip or that plug of chew stabbed in the back of his mouth. So I never got hooked on smokeless tobacco. And sometimes just to be funny among the buddies, we would have a dip, chew and smoke going all at once. Hey, we were kids.

However, I still smoke cigarettes. I'm not one who desires to have a smoke right after eating but I am one who while enjoying a beer at a dance hall today desires to sit there and have my smoke. However, I have to leave town if I plan to smoke in public bar due to City Ordnance which does not allow smoking.

Now imagine, smoking surely is not the worst pollutant. But these same individuals who protest the smokers making it against the law, (one more way to control people), will. be the same person to jump right into their big SUV and drive around town creating more pollutants operating that auto in 15 minutes than a smoker can in a life time, and they won't trade that SUV in for a horse but expect me to trade in cigarettes to live more like them. Smoking doesn't create global warming but auto exhaust does. Yes, smoking increases your risk of lung cancer, but no label is on any engine stating operation of this motor creates toxic air and leads to lung cancer and global warming. Next thing you know, they'll be going after my coffee and Dr Pepper. So, just think....maybe they should walk, take a buggy or ride the horse. I'm for clean air.

wouldnt recommend it

I started chewin levi when i was about 16 or 17 and dropped it real easy somehow? Id go back to it now and again but not like I use to. The crazy stuff is cope snuff. Probably 3 times the nicotine. Its harder to take those breaks on. Ill go through about 3 cans in a week and then Im cravin for a pinch. Thats when I take a break from it, try not to get addicted. It makes it more satisfying. The warmer weather makes me want it more somehow? Cans right though, it satisfies! I cant recommend it however.

"I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from goin insane!"

Not good.

Its a bad habit. I use to chew tobacco, but my old girlfriend got me to stop. She told me it was her or the tobacco! I guess at the time I wanted her more than the tobacco! I never went back to it after we split up. I think it was a good thing I didn't go back. Nothing against you guys who still dip. I started because when we were on guard duty with the army we couldn't smoke or light up. This was our solution.

Ugh my husband dips .. I

Ugh my husband dips .. I always say only (1/2 jokingly - and it's not even a very good one) " I can't wait until your bottom lip falls off .. that way I can REALLY slip you some tongue when we kiss"

I vote NO on the smokeless tobacco!!!

Smokeless Tobacco

I own horses, ride, shoot and drive cattle. That does not make me a cowboy expert. I would be reluctant to offer expert advice to someone about these activities. Just because I do them doesn't make me an expert.

If you have the chance to see ONE case of oral cancer you may not be an expert on smokeless chew, but I bet you'd be reluctant to advise someone that the benefits of nicotine are worth the risk.

If you want to know how to cowboy, ask a cowboy for advice. If you want to know about cancer risk, ask your healthcare provider.

Smokeless Tobacco

It appears to me that the priorities are all out of order in the Country. To much emphasis on smokers. These experts are all out to make a buck in any unethical way that they can. The way to quit is to just quit.

Cracker Cowboy


I chewed and smoked for years.

I used to chew plug. Bloodhound and Browns Mule were my favorites.

I had a chaw going from sunup til I went to bed.

I quit some 13 years ago and it was hard to do. But I did it cause I had some places come up in my cheek. I feared it was too late but all seems to be okay.

Quitting smoking was a snap compared to quitting chewing cause i got more nicotine absorbed more directly from the chaw. some buddies say the snuff is even worse but I never liked snuff.

back in the day there was some pany hose outfit that used to package pany house in a plastic pouch and i used one to carry my Tobacco in. I used to precut the plug inot my preferred size chunks and put em in the pouch.

used to get some funny looks when I pulled the pouch and popped a chew.

Jim Tate
Pipe Dream Farm


Well I use snuff, wish i hadn't started. I have made many attempts to quit but just can't. Hopefully one day I can stop dipping.


I had a cousin who chewed and eneded up getting cancer from it. And after he was diagnosed, he kept chewing! He passed away at the age of 34.

why smoking?

why smoking? its addictive and is hard and difficult to quit. It takes time and faith and patience to break the habit.

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