Threats in the water

Summer is the peak season for a number of diseases caused by organisms that... Read more »

Beware of botulism

Mention of botulism strikes fear in people’s hearts, and rightly so.... Read more »

"People" Whispering

How would you like to become a "people whisperer?" Many "horse whisperer"... Read more »

Stop With the Cow

The stop sets your horse up for success when boxing a cow. Read more »

Reassuring findings about vaccine administration

New research from Ireland suggests that vaccines against equine0 influenza... Read more »

Winning The Congress

For the first time in a long time I'm watching the All-American Quarter... Read more »

Q&A with Todd Minikus on the Washington International Horse Show

Top grand prix rider Todd Minikus talks about what it’s like to compete in... Read more »

EDCC Reports Four New WNV Cases in Oklahoma

The Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) offers alerts about equine... Read more »

How to Speak Horse

The holiday-shopping season is upon us. The young horse enthusiasts on... Read more »

Ranch & Performance Horses for Sale

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