Healthy Feet for Happy Trails

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Research Update: Small Hay Bale Feeders

Credit: University of Minnesota These results demonstrate that small... Read more »

Doing Business on a Handshake, and a Prayer

Wise sayings typically remain universally applicable throughout the ages.... Read more »

Chin Straps

Find the right chin strap depending on your event, your horse’s age, and... Read more »

Moment of Truth at First Level

Many of the tests that I judge have what I call a “moment of truth,” where... Read more »

PRCA Board Considering Controversial "Pick 5" Rule

The "Pick 5" Rule would allow committees to choose five of the six... Read more »

Research on Glucosamine Supplementation in Horses

A study conducted at Texas A&M University investigated the effects of oral... Read more »

Mistakes Horse Buyers Make

Save yourself trouble and heartache by learning from the eight mistakes I... Read more »

Meeting the Weanling’s Demanding Nutritional Needs

Although weanlings have intensive nutritional needs, they are often... Read more »

Double Tough

When Oklahoma cowboy Lee Patterson was injured, the Working Ranch Cowboys... Read more »

Ranch & Performance Horses for Sale

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