Circle Up Safely

Stay in position when finishing a cow horse run, and both you and your... Read more »

Other Therapies for Equine Inflammation Control

Cold therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs have a great role in curtailing... Read more »

Latest Reports from EDCC on EHM, EEE and EIA

The Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) offers alerts about equine... Read more »

Heads-Up for Success

A rider’s gelding carries his head below his withers, even with constant... Read more »

Loop-de-Loop at Training 3

My scribe last weekend was delighted that we had something like 20 rides... Read more »

Dressage Training in Germany, Week 7!

This week was super. Saturday, Sam (the girl I work with) and I visited... Read more »

Key Considerations in Wound Care

An owner asks about wound severity, the usefulness of ointments, and... Read more »

Postcard: Bringing Back the Essex Horse Trials

The Mars Essex Horse Trials is making a comeback after 19 years, a... Read more »

Ranch & Performance Horses for Sale

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